• QE – Bracelet Male
  • QE – Bracelet Male
  • QE – Bracelet Male

QE – Bracelet Male


Size 25 mm with 8 mm natural stone of light gemstones on an elastic nylon cord.

THE QE (key) is a unique piece device that carries this SECRET of the I-Ching (The book of change) ·
THE QE connects you to the source of creation, where Yin and Yang are in perfect BALANCE – at ZERO ·

ZERO is where you can access higher level of awareness, perfect BALANCE that aligns you to clarity, joy, peace, beauty and power inside ·

Place on each chakra for a few minutes to clear and balance these important centres. Also a perfect meditation device to hold in your hand while facing north to achieve perfect balance at ZERO. Zero is the gap and the place where you can access your highest self when everything reaches stillness and the voice of silence becomes audible.

Impressum Judy Kao